26 September 2009

A week ago, my friend Rosario celebrated her 89th birthday! Don't laugh, but I have friends from as young as 2 years old to 100! I'm not even counting my animal friends and plants! I easily make friends and I love listening to other people's stories. Well, since Rosario seem to have everything I gave her this special gift. . . . Inside, is a sweet reminder that you don't need everything you like. The sweet pink doughnut is bad for anybody's health especially if you're an elderly and most especially if not taken in moderation. Well, my pink dougnut is actually a stress-buster rubber device! You squeeze it tight when you feel angry or moody and everytime you release your hold on it, it helps soothe and calm those shaky nerves. . . . I have one myself. Haha! Well, I hope mine is still out there somewhere not unless some panting, drooling furry thing did not chew them to bits! . . . In the birthday card that comes with my gift, I told Rosario to celebrate her special day by thinking of the many blessings that she has, her grown children and grandchildren, and the comfortable environment that she has. A bit moody at her age, Rosario nags at everybody in the household, which can drive these same people who dote and love her, to avoid her and her tantrums. I always chide her about her temper which makes her smile. We need to be reminded when we sometimes get overboard with our moods. And we do need special people to take the time to remind us that we are loved even in our most difficult moments. I hope when the time comes when I get old and cranky, somebody will hold my hand, gift me with a fun gift that will remind me that I am loved, and that to be a blessing, I must bless others with my wise self tempered with good humor. Happy Birthday, Rosario!

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