26 September 2009

Today's Flowers

My Flowers Today is also an offering of thanks for surviving the stormy week we had. Storm Ondoy yesterday passed by Central Luzon in the Philippines and even if I live in Southern Luzon, the whole country was practically affected by heavy downpour and flash floods. I got stranded as early as Wednesday afternoon when I could not enter our subdivision because the entrances were heavy with waist deep water. I was able to get home after an hour! By Friday evening, the rains fell unabated until Saturday that I have to cancel my trip. We lost electrical power as early as 5 AM and I watched the dark skies helplessly unleash non-stop rains!

I prayed with my dogs all day yesterday. Well-fed and warm, my dogs snuggled in their house all day! I prayed for friends and family stuck in traffic, for people who lost their homes and possessions (houses and cars were submerged in rainwater that people stayed on their roofs waiting for rescue until dawn today!) . . . while in our house Heaven, we remained safe and warm although we did not have electricity. Sometimes, in moments when nature unleashes its fury, we realized that what we work hard for, the material possessions and values that we thought are important, remained physical reminders that we are clutching on to things that do not really matter. In our weakest moments, we desperately long for the basics: a safe shelter, food, and our loved ones. Can we let go of our PCs, mobile phones, TV, ref, audio system, aircon and fan and all those electrical gadgets that makes us work harder to own and sustain them? And in the end, these precious things we own practically hurt our environment and ourselves by making our environment costly and the earth warmer and isolate us from those we love?

Meantime, these small white flowers in Heaven blossomed amidst the rain and harsh winds! The rains stopped by early dawn while hundreds remained in their roofs waiting to be rescued or until the flood waters subside. I held these flowers gently and murmured a silent prayer of thanks. For the hope and bitter lessons that we all must have to go through to realize painful truths about our lives on earth . . . while our flowers and trees in Heaven sing and live well . . . See more brave and beautiful flowers at TodaysFlowers.


Denise said...

That was a terrible storm you had to deal with. I'm glad you got through it okay. You shared some great photos and I enjoyed them all. Thanks for sharing with Today's Flowers.

Carletta said...

So sorry for your ordeal in the storm.
Lovely delicate blooms and a great perspective in that sky shot!

Carletta’s Captures.

Carver said...

Your flower shots are all so great. I am sorry you had to deal with such a bad storm and am glad you're ok.

Lui said...

Thank you for all your kind words. I'm lucky that I did not suffer like most people. I am helping friends recover from the shock, the loss, and the pain and anguish of this experience. Even at dawn, my phones were ringing from people asking for help!

Ebie said...

It is very sad, about the whole situation. I say it was a calamity. I am glad you are safe.