09 September 2009

Yesterday, my good friend Rosario, a charming lady in her 80s I fondly call Mamita (little Mommy) gave me this flower. Her son Ricky actually gave her the flower bouquet because it was Mother Mary's birthday. What a thoughtful gift! Roses for Rosario! I saw Mamita's eyes water. Mamita wanted to share the flowers with me so she asked me to get one from the bunch. I happily chose the closed bud so I can witness the flower when it opens.

When I got home, I showed it to my dogs and they simply loved it. Bogart wants to eat it but of course, I told him he can't. When my sister Luchie saw it, she immediately inserted the long stem into one of the pots hoping it will grow and be part of Heaven's plants. What a great idea! I was just about to put the flower in a vase with water hoping to enjoy it for a week. But Luchie's idea is better. By planting the flower, we can enjoy it longer!

How many times have we nurtured some things like that too? Of how we were content to enjoy some things at a short period not knowing we can actually have a lifetime to hold and savor the precious things we love if only we knew how and if only somebody told us that we can. When this single Rose decide to live with us in Heaven by adjusting to our soil, our energies and our care, I will have it as a reminder that I can make special fleeting moments last. Someday, this single rose will open and grow leaves and hug our other plants and sing to us . . . and when that happen, I promised I will share it with you . . . .

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