25 October 2009

Today's Flowers . . .

. . . are wonderful discoveries along the garden of a friend . . . .

. . . a beautiful yellow flower that fell from the trellis
above a wooden bench in a private corner of the garden.
I tried to capture the blooming flowers
but it is much too high for me to reach!

I raised my hand and clicked on the camera,
hoping I got the shot right. . .

Hmmm, not really. I tried again . . .

Nope, not a chance! I looked at the flowers again and something snapped inside me. I really do not need to go closer and capture its beauty. Even from a safe distance the flower provided the awe and delight that should satisfy me. The flower can only share its delight up to a certain point.

Some flowers remind you of yourself.
Delightful but oftentimes too hard to reach or understand.
So that you and other people often try to reach or comprehend
the meaning behind some confusing actions
only to realize that that vagueness,
or that unnameable misunderstood part of ourselves,
are part and parcel of the beauty that is your being.
Oftentimes, what captures our fancy is not within our reach
but then, whoever said that we have to own
the very thing that we desire . . . . .

I am sure some of my friends at TodaysFlowers also have something private and hidden that baffles and delights. But this I am sure: that their love for flowers will always be shared and be enjoyed by everyone! I am off to visit them now . . . .


i beati said...

alamanda loves you

Ebie said...

You have a beautiful garden, full of lush greenery and blooms!

chubskulit said...

Is is called yellow bell? Mamam have those too in her house..

So pretty!

Here's my first TF entry. Hope you can come by!

ellen said...

lovely flowers. i love it. mine is up. hope to hear from you soon.
see yah!

Regina said...

Beautiful yellow trumpets!
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