26 October 2009

The leaf whispered as I passed last week. The leaf said I should not worry. I was worried because we were expecting a super typhoon (Ramil/Lupit) and I was walking around Heaven, wondering if our beautiful but old place can hold up. I looked around shaking my head. Of course the roof needs repair and a typhoon will surely blow it away! The windows will break again . . . but I worried more for Chicky and Yvon, our chico and avocado trees. I worried for MrFrogsky when the drainage gets flooded and he has to leap his way out. . . I worried for our frequent visitors, the maya birds, and wonder where they will stay? Troy, our lizard community. My dogs. Our neighbor dog Dawgy. The subdivision's stray cats. . . . I walked around Heaven telling everybody to be prepared. To stay safe. And the leaf whispered its assurance.

And of course the leaf was right. The typhoon swerved (imagine!) and missed my country! My healer friends were right. As early as Friday two weeks ago I knew the typhoon will not pass. I shared this secret in one of my posts. I tickled our leaf in relief today. It was sunny again! I just gave the dogs a bath again after coming home from a workshop. I kissed the trees. I tut-tut Troy. I hugged the dogs. All is right in Heaven. Oh, I can almost hear them all teasing me "you of little faith!" The tide is turning. The earth is healing. And I can feel myself, healing as well . . . .

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Grace Olsson said...


your finger?kkkkkk
u dont know how much u helped me...after I met u....and read your blog...decided to change my life..and I am so happy for that

have a nice day, dear