02 November 2009

I know I am sounding like a broken recorder on disaster mode. Yesterday, the weatherman announced a low pressure area entering my country but assured us that it might not get anywhere nasty. Well today the same weather guy said they are raising storm signal number 1 in northern Luzon! WhWHAT!?! The Philippines is too small that even if they say it is in northern Luzon (Heaven is in southern Luzon) I am sure we will also feel the calamitous winds!

Yes, that means another storm is coming our way. Today we have sunny skies and I gave the dogs a bath. Yes, I also gave their kennels, their towels, their collars, their pillows, and the WHOLE package that comes with their territory their weekly clean-up, that I sat exhausted wondering if the storms will really end in Z. Storms are named alphabetically. We are now in letter T. And T means Tino. Tino may be short for a filipino word which means "wise" as in matino. But storms are not wise, cause' if they are, they would hurl themselves off in space! I am humoring myself since I ran out of options on how to assure the whole beings in Heaven again!

After a canceled trip and a long vacation, I hope to play with my dogs and go about preparing their holiday cards, photographs for their calendars, etc. etc. I need a month to finish all the dog's pending work while I have to cram my papers and powerpoint presentations, interviews and workshops into half-day sessions. Yes, my dogs have a hectic schedule more than me. When I went around Heaven whispering to the trees, plants, birds, stones . . . I knew that somehow we will be able to survive the coming storm Tino . . .

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