19 November 2009

SkyWatch Friday!

I come bearing some news . . .

I can not categorize it as either good or bad . . .

In my realm, there is no good or bad.
Life is simply what is.

And what is, is simply great!

And I bring debris raining from space
which the humans think is good
like wishing stars raining good fortune!
But other beings think otherwise.
Other beings see debris as waste
cycling back to the same negative space
that brought it about and now is calling it back!

But the Keeper in Heaven saw only meteors
and with her eyes closed, made her wish . . .

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Sweepy said...

Woof Keeper! You forgot to link to skywatch. Haha! You better hurry back 'cause I need to rush my holiday cards to be mailed this week!

Lui said...

Haha, little one! I am getting forgetful! Yes, I'm off to do your cards this week! Phew!