01 November 2009

Today's Flowers

. . . are living breathing works of art that convey heartwarming stories.

From the same plant
a flower may appear fresh

and blooming wild
after the passing of a storm . . .

Some may appear shy . . .

. . . open but barely able
to display their
naked beauty . . .

Others barely make it . . .

half-eaten by pests
they stand proud
unwilling to admit defeat
in the battle of survival.

This flower is the most beautiful for me.
It stands as witness to an undying and inspiring lesson
of nature and beings:

That in all things
we own our bodies.
And as battle-scarred as we are
the real essence of our being
the one that throbs wildly
pure and unconditional
remain beautiful
and loving
even in our veiled eyes.

There are more flowers embodying art in its highest form at TodaysFlowers.

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Regina said...

Cheerful yellow!
Have a wonderful week.