13 December 2009

Today's Flowers

I saw these bunch of flowers a week ago in our neighbor's front plant box. They looked like fruits with their round shaped buds so I waited for the flowers to open in full bloom. I kept checking everyday but I think I either missed the flowers blooming or maybe the flowers looked just like that. Sometimes, when we see something beautiful we are glued at the sight, expecting to see more. Just like the flower I saw hidden underneath one of the plants we have in our house Heaven which my dog Bogart is posting today. Both flowers are beautiful and unusual, yet somehow, I expect to see more. But sometimes, there are no grand highlights or aftermaths or postscripts or encores to some things. Its very essence and beauty is already open for your enjoyment. And maybe that's what all these flowers were telling me. And I am OK with that. See more flowers here.


guild-rez said...

You live in "Heaven"?
Not everybody does;-)
Lovely flower pictures!
Thank you for saharinging.

Carletta said...

They certainly do look like buds ready to pop!
Sometimes, yes, we should just enjoy the beauty.
Carletta’s Captures.

ellen said...

Nice catch! Mine is up. Hope to see you.

Chie Wilks said...

cool blooms...they look like fruits indeed...i am wondering what kind of flower this is

mine is here

Grace Olsson said...

great post, dearest.....take care