20 December 2009


I found this beautiful Lily in the same house I found the white Lily which I posted last November 11. To my great surprise, I saw this orange pink lily beside the white ones on the way home from church! It was soooo gorgeous and I again lament not using natural light (I hate using flash and it gets dark in the Philippines now at 5:30 PM!) and not having a better camera for great micro shots. But I know that deep in the recesses of my foggy brain lies a huge storage memory for unforgettable blooms like this. And in my heart lies a huge soft spot that remembers and react well when you see beautiful creations that tug and captivate your senses! There are more flowers like this when you click here. Below is my flash and no-flash shots taken at dusk (6PM) using a borrowed Kodak EasyShare C300!


rinzo said...

Stunning! Please visit my very first entry in today's flower. Blessed Xmas and Happy New Year to you and to your family!

lazyclick said...

Beautiful colors.

guild-rez said...

Beautiful and stunning flowers and pictures!!
Merry Christmas to you and to your family!