26 December 2009

Today's Flowers

. . . is an unusual magenta color the shape of which resembles the Yellow Bells. I'm not sure if it is the same family which would then make it the Magenta Bells. Haha! It seems to herald good tidings filled with hope and faith, the message of the holiday season in a world experiencing its worst climate change in history. As I busily putter back and forth with chores and events, friends from different parts of the world were stuck in their homes on Christmas due to snow storms, flooded streets, or making do with a simple celebration due to the recession. . . This flower is also a survivor. It blooms wildly along the dusty and noisy sidewalk seemingly proclaiming its resilience and power over the elements . . .

. . . and even as it struggles against the changing weather and seemingly lack of care, it defies everything but its capacity to shine forth and demand its space and be part of the changing world! For more beautiful blooms naturally unfolding even in harsh conditions please visit FlowersFromToday and be inspired.

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