16 February 2010

A Valentine Story. These pretty balloons were sent with love. These pretty balloons were also received with love. But these pretty balloons have to part ways because even if they are nice, somebody wanted one of them badly. And I know better that it is silly to keep it where it will only gather dust and scare my dogs in case it pops!

This boy is Leo. He is mute. I met him last year when he deposited himself at our gate watching my dogs' party. Leo wanted one of the loot bags so I got one bag and replaced the dog treats inside with cookies. Leo got the loot bag and a balloon that time! Leo got more treats as time passed. He seemed to have a knack of appearing at our gate waiting for me to give him something. This Valentine, he got one of the balloons again. He was so excited he left right away and did not wait for his cookies! Well, I am quietly celebrating my birthday at the end of this month. Hmmm, I think I know who would be my special guest . . .

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