11 April 2010

This is the new home for the bird's nest given to me by sister Luchi in my last post. This is the perfect location for it. The best installation site since the birds frequent this area too, PLUS it is near the table where I work (to read, paint, groom dogs, etc.) PLUS it is in front of Luchi's bedroom window (she can also enjoy it!), PLUS I can easily observe and enjoy watching it within my reach! All that plus points does not only make a perfect location, it is also a way of adaptive reuse. I mean you do not throw a perfect piece of art. You make it a part of you and your environment. Within hours of installation, I immediately saw some birds hovering around the nest! Too bad I did not have a camera with me that time. My friend Will texted me to inquire if we found eggs inside the nest. Nope, there were none. But I hope in time it will be a good nesting place for all my birds flying freely in our house Heaven!

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