09 April 2010

Yesterday was a holiday and my sister Luchi decided to clean the roof and trim our trees. And that's when she found this. A beautiful bird's nest! I always love bird's nest. They are fashioned creatively using twigs, leaves and whatever light stuff the bird can find and glue together to house her eggs. In this nest you can still see the shape of the egg and I wonder where the egg went, or if it cracked open and the little birdy flew away with the mother bird. The nest must've been left in our avocado tree Yvon for some time and I held it in my hands and made the dogs watch it before I can find another suitable location to house it. I love nests. I love houses. They celebrate life and are living testament to all great architects of this earth. In their loving hands and beaks, homes are made!

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Andrea said...

Birds are not like chickens who go back to their nests. Birds normally don't touch their nests when other creatures esp humans already touched them. So in the natural habitat we must not touch their nests, eggs, or "inakay" or else they will just leave them. In other words they are better off to be let alone! Your old nest will just be decorative and reminder to humans of the labors they put to make them, so it is very cruel to touch them.