30 May 2010

Today's Flowers: The Bougainvillae. I met them in my walk recently. It was a long walk past rows and rows of bursting flowers. It made the walk pleasant amidst the scorching 38 degrees centigrade blasting with rainy clouds helplessly hovering in the skies and the sun forcibly sneaking its way out, possibly, I felt, to get me! I almost fainted from the oppressive heat but the flowers greeted me, sang to me, wished me well, like a cheering squad lined up along the walk, cheering me as I walked past. Of course, I gave in. I totally surrendered to such awesome, rare beauties . . . as I'm sure you would.

More blooms at TodaysFlowers.


carolina mountains said...

Love the double (or triple blooms) on that pink one. They are wonderful. Miss them from when we lived further south!

Judy said...

I don't envy you the heat! Although we had it almost that bad, early in the week! But I love the way you describe the flowers as a cheering squad!!!