31 May 2010

Today's Flowers. . . not.

This is what remained of our Birds of Paradise flower. It remained dried for months! It remained holding on to the stalk refusing to fade and wilt completely. I never stopped looking at it though, greeting and touching it as I water it every day. I find it fascinating in its dry brown state. There is something lyrical in the way the faded petals curl and flirt! Somehow, flowers never really lose their beauty even in its faded glory. This one will never fade and rush to its sunset. This one is here to stay! This one is for keeps!

And this is what's left of our Hoya flower. Dried and slowly fading and falling. But the Hoya blooms forever! You see, that long crooked lifeline holds a long queue of Hoya flowers waiting to unfurl and bloom and keep me fascinated for months on end! Oh I love these flowers. They remind me of eternity. Of moving on gracefully. Of letting go and going back to reveal a lifetime of beauty and mystery. Much like most of the people I know . . .

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