04 July 2010

Today's Flowers!

I have heard there's an angel.
There's an angel of the night.

Far from time she has traveled
and she's watching out of sight.

She knows
let her guide you
listen if you know

she can be wise
and she'll find you

try to understand . . .

In your heart she'll be hiding
'cause she's with you constantly

and somewhere from the darkness

she will slip into your dreams . . .

She's an angel
she's an angel of the night . . .
angelita de la noche . . .

From Angela Bofill's song Angel of the Night.

Today's Flowers were taken from one of the Calachuchi trees
lining the center island of Commerce Avenue in Ayala Alabang.
I did not take them. They were given by the gardener to me.
It was probably a grateful gesture when he saw me admiring the
flowers which was part of the plants he was tending.
Of course, I brought them home and cluelessly put them in a vase:

. . . where the petals immediately fell!

. . . and my dog Sweepy curiously sniffed them!
So instead I decorated them on one of our plants in Heaven . . .

. . . where the fragrant flowers enveloped the humid day!

More beautiful and fragrant flowers at TodaysFlowers.


Anonymous said...

oh Lui..sweet shots,d earest

Carver said...

These are very beautiful flowers and I like the words too.

guild-rez said...

Very, very pretty flowers!!
Thank you for your lovery pictures and words.

Manang Kim said...

Kalachuchi smells so good!! Happy Monday!

Day Lilies

Average Girl said...

I love that you didn't dispose of the little flowers and how you re-used them... so thoughtful of you.. love the words as well!

Mumsy said...

What a beautiful flowers! The colors and the blooms are just breath taking!

eden said...

Frangipani is one of my favourites. in fact, I have one at the backyard. Great photos and beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.

SandyCarlson said...

Yes, indeed. Gorgeous!

Arija said...

Oh, I wish I could smell them. I just adore frangipanis.