17 July 2010

Today's Flowers

. . . wonder me, wander me,
then by a fire,
pleasure me,
peaceful me

. . . and in the silence quietly whisper me
forever me with love . . .

. . . and every day
I'll gentle you,
tender you,

and, oh the way,
I'll velvet you, clover you,

I'll wrap you up
and ribbon you, rainbow you,

and shower you with shine . . .

suddenly, magically,
we found each other

there we were, here we are . . .

I plan to let you happy me,
summer me, winter me,

always be mine . . .

- from an old song by Allan & Marilyn Bergman
with music by Michel Legrand

Flowers from our small garden in Heaven, surviving intense heat of summer, sudden showers, stormy weather, bird's poo and my dogs pee-mails . . . I featured this flower before but this time with a better camera borrowed from college kids! (Thanks Jojo!) This is a beautiful sturdy plant with multi-colored leaves ranging from green, white, violet, maroon, orange, and yellow! Somebody at TodaysFlowers once told me this flower could be a FireSpike.

More enchanting flowers at TodaysFlowers.


Denise said...

Lui, you made my day stopping by and teaching me a new word in your language :) Oh my! I hope I don't offend anyone!

I enjoyed all your photos today, so many pretty blooms in Heaven.

Thank you for sharing them. Have a great week.
An English Girl Rambles

Lui said...

Don't worry it is not the fault of the swamp to be named like that. My dogs have furry friends with names that can be just as 'exciting' as that ;-)