06 September 2010

Heaven is melting . . .

 There's no chill
and yet I shiver . . .
There's no flame
and yet I burn.
I'm not sure what I'm afraid of
and yet, I'm trembling . . .
There's no storm yet I hear thunder
And I'm breathless, why I wonder?
Weak one moment,
then the next I'm fine . . .
 I feel as if I'm falling
every time I close my eyes
and flowing through my body
is a river of surprise
. . .feelings are awakening
I hardly recognize as mine . . .

What are all these new sensations?
What's the secret they reveal?
I'm not sure I understand
but I like the way I feel . . .

- an old 1983 song from the Barbra Streisand movie Yentl
written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman
with music by Michel Legrand

We had rainy nights, sunny mornings, cloudy afternoons with hints of drizzle and the weatherman announced a coming storm Henry. I prepared all of Heaven and prayed fervently. But when I woke up Saturday after a rainy night, the sun was up, the laundrywoman came, clothes were dried, and in the afternoon it rained again! When I woke up Sunday, it was sunny again, and the storm did not pass! Of course, I was skeptical. The skies looked cloudy with bits of sunshine (this has been going on for months now!) but my dogs were happy jumping all over, and the flowers and plants were dripping wet. Heaven melted and now is smelling like new . . . Thank you all for your concern and prayers for our safety. This is my entry for Lisa's MacroMonday.


SmilingSally said...

How poetic you are! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Denise said...

So glad all went well Lui. This is a great post and the rain looks magical on your beautiful flowers. I remember the movie but don't remember the words to that song. It's lovely! Have a great week Lui.
An English Girl Rambles

The Chair Speaks said...

The flowers are absolutely lovely!

Maaike said...

great colors
a real eyecandy

maiaT said...

Those orchids are gorgeous and I love the shinny raindrops on the flowers.
Beautiful photos.

We have the same weather here, without Henry alert, and I hope Henry will not come to you either.
Have a great week!

Mylene said...

I love your photos! Their colors are alive :)

We are on the same side of this planet. I am getting used with the current weather :)

Jan n Jer said...

Great photos and quotes.

Viola said...

So wonderful Lui! :) And I like the poem/song as well! Note the wonderful raindrops photo # 3!! I love it!! :) Peace and love for you!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Beautiful...once again!!! And the movie Yentl was a fabulous movie.

My Macro Monday

Have a glorious day.

lazyclick said...

Very lovely flowers.

Carletta said...

Exquisite images!
I loved the song you chose to go with them - a perfect combo.

Thanks for visiting my Today's Flowers Guest Friend post and leaving such a wonderful comment. :)