18 October 2010

The Calm Amidst The Storm . . .

Megi entered my small island . . .
and was renamed Juan.
Recently, they started naming storms after men too
because they said men, like storms, can get grumpy too.

The forecast was winds of 180.
The winds became 225!
Thus, Megi was called a super typhoon.
Yet Megi cast a surreal golden glow
in the sky above our house Heaven.
And at dusk, the moon peeped
as if to call an end to my long weekend prayer.

Megi did not pass my small Heaven.
Megi passed as predicted
in a beautiful town called Isabela
where tall trees toppled, rice fields were flattened,
the municipal building got battered
and the roof of the rescue center was blown by the wind!
The town of Isabela in northern Luzon
is now in a state of calamity.
Aid and assistance is being sent its way.

In my house Heaven,
we had a sprinkling of rain showers
and some gusty winds
that only made my dogs sleepy.
Seeing them sleep comforts my worried heart.

And in another part of Heaven
lies this golden fungi . . .

. . . like a testament to the changing times.
That beautiful constant something
that we take for granted
lies in our midst
in our hands
and in our heart . . .

. . . that no storms or even drought
can ever replace.

This mushy fungi is my contribution to Lisa's Macro Monday. Have a delightful week everyone! I hope that you find that which provide balance in your calm and troubled world. A place and a space to curl safe and hush your noisy world. To lie still and mutter that one word that lies in the center of your being that surprisingly connects to all . . . and I thank everyone in cyberspace who expressed their concern and prayed for us. You gave us comfort and what you gave us returns to you a hundredfold. Salamat . . .


pip said...

that looks like an 'ear' fungus... edible if a bit tough! and what a fabulous place you live in... I'll certainly be back!

Viola said...

I'm so sad, same time I'm glad it passed the Heaven! You've got some beautiful photos of the skies! No #2 is very special, I think! And the fungi, so strange, I have never seen it before.. It's lovely and nearly looks like an ear.. ;)
I'll send my prayers tonight, for you. I haven't got to see the news on the TV this night, but I read some of the news, about the strong typhon.. And the same time I was thinking to you and your dogs!
Hugs are here coming from me and Pusa to you and Sumo and Sweepy! :)

MarieElizabeth said...

What an interesting fungi - nice shot.

Au and Target said...

You were very lucky. Your place does look lovley.