21 October 2010

The Remnants of Juan . . .

These mushrooms are what was left of the rainy days that super typhoon Juan (Megi) brought to my island. And although we were miles away from where the typhoon passed, it still brought some rains and winds after. They said the tail end of the storm is just as harsh as the typhoon itself! Hmm, that sounded like an overloaded statement. A lot of endings are just as painful as the beginning process or what we call the birth pangs and view the experience itself like the trial and error phase. We go through life with terms like these maybe to help us get through with the confusion, fear, and that nagging thought of defeat at every challenges we face. But when the storms leave, and the clouds clear, and the sun shines again, the dilemma is brought forth in a new light. The real colors of reality stares back at you and you may choose to view it differently and thus react differently as well. . .

For a lot of people in throes of despair like the loss of something dear to them can often remove the color of reality and the world looks bleak and dreary. But somehow something comes in to right the perspective and we see the loss in a new light and with it comes a new strength. The color of reality like a paradigm can be changed and so can your perception of it . . .

And for Self-Sagacity's Two Questions for Thursday: When confronted by a problem or a dilemma, do you allow yourself to step back and view the situation differently? Or do you only see with one light (monochrome vision) or the full colorful reality?

My sepia mushrooms above for Mary's SepiaScene.


Lui said...

My answers to my Qs:

1) Although I know that I should step back or count to three before reacting, sometimes I just act and step back after! Ha!

2) I see everything in full color even in my dreams! But a colorful reality does not always guarantee a better perspective. Sometimes a monochrome vision is best for some situation.

Now if you ask me which of the mushroom photograph I prefer above, I'd say the sepia is the best!

Viola said...

You are quite an intelligent girl/woman I think. :) You're right in what you are saying here, I believe. It can be a sort of paradigme..
Me... I think .. I think.... when I come to a dillemma or a big problem, I can step back and view the situation differently.. most times I can say.. or maybe not all the times?? Hmm.. You make me THINK, hehe.. It can be both the a) and b).. It depends.. (or..?)

Lovely mushrooms!! And- I'm so glad it passed away - the monster typhon!!

Peace & love from me to you! :)

Viola said...

Me too I can handle first and think after... I think I do both sometimes.. For the two photos here, I like the one with colors the best.. :)
You really made me have to scrutinize like a philosopher here.. hehe.. ;)

Annie said...

I settle into the problem, focus on its entirety, and then move past the onslaught. Later, when things clear and light is shed again, then I start to feel the fear, the what ifs, and finally the thank yous to God for the save arrive.

kaye said...

both are interesting, I think I like the color.

Margaret Duarte said...

When facing a problem, it is tempting to give in to depression and fear, but to me that is not an option. I must stay strong not only for myself but for those around me. So stepping back and viewing the situation is a must. I have no choice.

Anonymous said...

dear Lui

I never have seen these kind of mush....so great




Marie said...

Great post and lovely photos.

Luna Miranda said...

even mushrooms can drown?:p

i used to react impulsively and emotionally when faced with a problem. but i guess age (maturity?) taught me a lesson or two. i can now step back and look at different angles before acting on it.

like you, even my dreams are in full color.:p sometimes my vision blurs--because of preconceived notions, tears, shadows, but i still see the colors.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Usually, I will step back and go through all my feelings/thoughts/emotions.. But as for viewing the situation differently, hmm, it depends, my dear.. I am not all so good until I allowed all to sink in..
Most of the time, I see the monochrome vision first before the full colourful reality and I have to agree with one of your friends here, I prefer the sepia too.. ;)
Thanks for dropping by again..
The Gauge 1 is not the 'rainbow' as you have said but rather, that drawing or mine is about Reflection... How people always fail to reflect on their own thoughts, words and deeds..Actually, you can only see one reflection in the water - the sun which is always clearly reflected in water yet the rest, its like our words, deeds, thoughts, etc that was never/seldom reflected..
As for Gauge 2, I will answer it later in my post.. Be sure to check it out.. :) :)

Self Sagacity said...

1) When facing a problem, I am calm not to react too quickly unless the situation require immediate attention. Think, and research first.

2) Everything in life is not colorful, but to me being colorful is being of flexible. Not everything could be black and white. They are uncatagorized, such as my momma.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

1. I tend to give in to the despair when face with something like the loss of a loved one.

2. After a while I can step out of the despair and see things from a new perspective, but it does take time.

Love the mushroom shots.

Icy BC said...

To answer your questions, I tend to soak in the problem, and think in every possible ways for solutions before I react!

Interesting mushrooms!

Donnie said...

1- Now that I'm 65 I confront the problem and stand firm if I feel I'm right.

2-I will attempt to see both sides but I give up if the other side feels as strongly. Most things are just not worth the fight.

Good questions.

SquirrelQueen said...

Glad to hear you island came through the typhoon without damage. Those mushrooms are beautiful.

I tend to step back and study the problem from many angles before acting on it.

Everything in my life is filled with color, reality is no different.

DoanLegacy said...

1) It depends on the situation so I snap back if it's something wrong or injustice. Otherwise, I stand back and think.

2) I often go over all the angles of the problem and proceed from there.

Thanks for joining and see you next week!