08 October 2010

Mushroom Monochrome

This is our one day mushroom which I featured in last Monday's macro post. I saw the same batch yesterday but again, I was too late in capturing it. Normally they come sticking out from our dead recycled wood when it rains. But yesterday it was so hot that I started watering the exhausted plants early. And while I was busy watering (more like giving all of Heaven a bath!) I saw these cute thingies sticking out like little umbrellas! But when I returned with my camera after I finished watering all the plants around Heaven, the cute mushies were gone! Oh, how fleeting the time! And how fleeting some of nature's wonders pass by our unbelieving eyes! Which is why I enjoy Dragonstar's Black and White Weekend because they never fail to capture those fleeting scenes in monochrome! I am also posting this for Birgitta's MacroMonochrome!

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Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

Great captures! Love the angle and light in the first one :)
Most welcome to Macro Monochrome!