07 October 2010

Bitanga Sculpture!

This is a terracotta sculpture by artist Charito Bitanga which she gave to me and forms part of my small personal collection. My sister broke it by accident and I repaired it. Cracking is the art of piecing together broken ceramic pieces. The artist Bitanga is noted for her strong abstract paintings and her Henry Moore type of terracotta forms are rarely seen which prompted the late critic Paul Zafaralla to single them out with praise when I featured the Bitanga sculpture in an art festival in the 90s. Bitanga, who is now in her 70s, still paints and serves in the board of the Philippine Women's University. In my last meeting with her (almost a year ago!) she gave me her recent book written by Cid Reyes. Bitanga was, and still is, a very special friend and a great mentor! A priceless piece for Mary's Sepia Scenes.

And today is also Self Sagacity's Two Questions Thursday! And my two Qs:

1. If an artist propose to do your portrait will you allow him? And in what medium (material: sketch on paper, oil portrait, sculpture like above, etc.) would you prefer to have your portrait?
2. Have you tried doing a self-portrait?


Lui said...

And my own answers to my 2 Qs:

1. Normally I say no. But a group of artists once invited me for a coffee break and did my portrait on-the-spot! That was truly priceless!

2. Yes I did.

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, I would if I can ever find time, and really like to have a sculpture best - since it would be hard to tell whether I am ugly or not. Haha, next a painting, again the details can only be so fine.
I have taken some self portraits with my Sony Mavica a while ago, and to this day I like those best, since I can be myself in front of me. Smiles.
Thanks for playing...
I love your sculpture and your fine fix.

Margaret Duarte said...

If an artist would want to do my portrait, I would allow it, knowing that I may not like the results. Vanity aside, the artist would probably find much of my life etched in my features. I would ask for the portrait to be a pencil sketch, though, a bit less critical and forgiving.

DoanLegacy said...

1--Yes, I would let an artist doing my portrait, and prefer to be in oil painting.

2--No, I haven't tried doing my own portrait.

That piece left my mind wander!

maryt/theteach said...

Lui, yes I would let an artist do my portrait and I have: an a street artist in Montmatre did my portrait in pen and ink and I love it. No I haven't tried doing my own portrait.

I love the sculptures in sepia. They are extraordinary! Thank you for playing Sepia Scenes! :)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

I was waiting for your questions.. yeah.. ;)

1) Yes, I will.. I want to find out the 'me' from an artist's eyes. Allowing me to broaden how much I know myself..
Well, I would prefer to have sculpture like above..

2) Nope, never.. :( Maybe it is about time to give it a try?