26 October 2010

Red Handed!

This beautiful Amaryllis greeted me at the door of Ignacio's house where I conducted an art workshop. It was not yet fully open and it looked magical and hauntingly beautiful! And I was told that this beauty was bought for only PhP120 (PhP43:$1) which I find to be a bargain considering that it can be used as a decoration inside the house (interior plant) and thrive with less supervision. I think I should get one for my house Heaven! But this one I got specially for Mary's Ruby Tuesday!


EG Wow said...

It's lovely. I hope you bought one for yourself!

daylily777 said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your heaven. Beautiful pic !

viola said...

So wonderful flower! I hear about the earthquake and the huge wave and vulcano.. I hope it is far from where you live.. Terrible things happening, I must say..
Peace and love to you and your dogs and your lovely garden! :)

Barbara said...

Beautiful flower and photo. What a great blog you have, a lovely garden and great dogs too!

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Dear, I visited your other side as suggested.. I have a few questions though and should I leave it here or on your other side.. Oh yes, in case you haven't realised, I replied your last comment in my Gauge 1 Post.. :)
I like the shape of this flower.. Like an ear waiting to hear one's voice.. :)