03 January 2011

In Some Corner of Heaven . . .

. . . lies a tangled web
that goes in all directions.

. . . lies a fresh leaf
to signal the birth
of something new.

. . . lies a hand
that receives,
that gives,
and feeds
into the wondrous cycle
within us . . .

. . . lie old leaves
that remain breathing with the new
and seek those
that breathe and heal
to spur and sustain life
to make that within us
no matter the size,
color, content and intent
to matter.

. . . lies the web.
And where it goes
I go along with it . . .

My macro and micro shots and thoughts taken from a nondescript path and trail normally taken by my hounds and which I bravely and adventurously followed with an open heart and mind. It is my new year's offering for Lisa's MacroMonday. May your fun and chaotic world, Lisa, bring healing, wonderful paths, fun discoveries, warm loving hugs from those near and from us in the distance. And for all who tread and seek, those who are lost and those who are found, and for those who are confused and angry and bitter, but more importantly, for those who are continually amazed and joyful and bring only joy, the path is always a wonderful journey when you travel with new eyes, a trusting heart, and less baggage to carry you to the next amazing trail . . . Have a merry, hilarious, thoughtful and significant 2011 everybody!


Caren Gittleman said...

beautiful post!

May you have a wonderful 2011...blessings to you!

Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

lisaschaos said...

Beautiful words and such precious tiny leaves - amazing how they got soooo big!!

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Pieces of nature, so precious and thoughts to cherish. Thanks for sharing.