18 January 2011

Take A Break And Indulge . . .


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

ohhhh that looks GOOD!

lisa said...

What a lovely blog you have Lui!
Thank you so much for sharing this yummy masterpiece at The Creative Exchange this week. It looks so good!!!
Have a wonderful day!


Pat said...

Looks tasty!

Katie said...

That's a beautiful plate presentation...it looks SOOO delicious!

Karen said...


Viola said...

Hi there Lui and Sumo and Sweepy!
Happy New Year to all of you!!!! :)

What tastefully this dish looks! :)

Now it's a long time since I visited your blog.. and I've just read your previous posts on this blogsite..

I was impressed to read your words for Bogart.. You're a wise woman.. And such lovely flowers, where Bogart used to sit by.. I was toutched by reading about the way Bogart said goodbye to you.. right before he died..! I felt the sorrows inside me when I read it.., as I too miss a friend (cat) I lost 6 yrs ago, I know the feelings.... I still can kiss her photo.. missing her..

It was interesting to read about your way of 40 days of mourning.. new to me..

But I too think it's important to let people have their time to mourn out, to take their time.. and not hurry to wish them to get well or back to "the normal life" too fast.. because I think it's important to mourn out, to weep.. and to laugh as well.. it's natural I think..

and to remember our friends that passed away.. that's good! I think you do it in a good way.. Bogart was such a nice dog I think! And the last two photos with Bogart and Sweepy in "Woofless Wednesday" are just marvellous!

And.. happy birthday to Sumo! (a little late, but..)

Best wishes from me and Pusa! :)

NatureFootstep said...

I´d like some icecream added to that one. :)