20 January 2011

Up In Heaven . . .

. . . is a deceiving sky. It smacks of prettified clouds and deep blue skies but don't be fooled! Behind its picturesque setting and its full moon aura lies a restless something. A brewing something that unleashes sudden chills, sudden whirlpool of wind that hurls dust and dry leaves, sudden drizzles, sudden sunshine, and I raised my hand at the sudden warmth and sunshine. Stop, I say. Stop at that setting! I am going to sun dry pillows and mats, wash the dogs, clean and scrub, and I need some sunshine. . . .

And the weather froze like a sepia scene from the past. And I went hurriedly to my multiple tasks. . . . washing, drying, scrubbing, and putting the phone on hold. My friends know that when I am doing housework, okay make that "dog work" (wash the dogs and their stuff which is pretty backbreaking!) time is frozen. And with an erratic weather one can not stick to a schedule!

And it took some time and when I got everything done, I raised my hand at my sepia skies and uttered a prayer of thanks to the Creator, the Supreme Being, the One who controls the weather, the wind, and the magic that lies in the physical world . . . the One that goes with different names that can provoke wars and just as well, undo wars. The One who is, and always will be, Love.

What kind of weather are you having now?

Have you ever acknowledged the power to raise your hand and command the skies and the things around you to behave, to hush and calm down, to bring rains, to bring some sun, or simply to pray and give you the kind of weather you need and get it?

Thursday Two Questions
Sepia Scenes

My sepia shots were taken by changing the setting to the sepia mode.


Lui said...

My own As:

1) We have chilly mornings and night, sunny afternoon with hints of rain and cool all throughout.

2) Yes! I order rain and sunshine all the time and it works 90% of the time! ;-)

Self Sagacity said...

1) Sometimes we have fog, and it has been very cold.
2) No, I haven't tried, and if I did I would ask for the same sunshine 70 degrees everyday. Which is not what god intended so I would never get it. Smiles.

Margaret Duarte said...

1. Today was a wonderful sunny day here in California, though a bit chilly.

2. We're farmers. We're always pleading with God to change the weather. Ha, we should know better by now!

DoanLegacy said...

1) We are having snow and high wind that no clothes are enough to keep the chill away!
2) No..I haven't feel the power to raise my hand and command the skies yet!

Interesting questions.

JamericanSpice said...

1. The weather here is cold, but no snow.

2. I haven't thought about it like that but yes I do pray for such things. I need to believe in it when I do though. I usually think that of course a prayer like that might just be silly.

Very interesting questions.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

Skies are so fascinating and fantastic! When I gaze at them His love embraces me!

I don't remember praying for a change in weather. I may grumble but deep down I trust that God in His great wisdom knows what is best. I love the changes in the weather and the sky.

Your pictures are stunning!

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

We are having a 10 degrees weather right now! Brrrrrrrrrr..freezing!

I haven't try to command the weather to change yet, but will soon..Tired of snow and ice!