11 February 2011

The Dark King

. . . gazes over his dominion
his ageing eyes scan the surroundings
the white hairs on his face
tickling him in annoyance.

Yet, these are not what moves this beast to action.
It is the powerful scent.
The unexplained scent of a stranger.
The familiar smell of his pack and his human.
The scent of home.
And his place in it.

He is the king in our heaven.
And mostly, in my heart!

My 11-year old senior but still active dog Sumo
especially for Dragonstar's Black and White Weekend.


Dagrun said...

Nice compositions of a beautiful Sumo.

Dragonstar said...

I love the first one. Sumo is a handsome, gentle-looking king.

Carver said...

Sumo is a beauty. What a great post about him.

lina@home sweet home said...

A handsome Sumo :)