10 February 2011

Faces of Reality

This is the same sky taken from almost the same spot at different times of the day. I took this shot while standing in front of our house. The first shot was taken in the morning and the second shot around dusk. Both are beautiful interpretations. Both carry different meanings and exact different emotions from different people. Some people I know love my sky photos that I send them regularly together with some of my thoughts. And every bit of reactions are as varied as our interpretations of the reality that we see.

In situations we see a lot of complex issues. People argue and people snap at each other. Some may unnecessarily hurt people with their own interpretations of what they see and some merely keep their own thoughts to themselves.

I thought about this to find clarity and meaning in the recent events happening around me. This Tuesday, a retired military man shot himself in front of the tomb of his mother who he loves dearly. The man killed himself in the face of the corruption scandal that rocks the military and which the man was involved. Here was a man, with a loving support system of a family who he loves and who loves him and who was heartbroken with grief over his shocking death. His loved ones thought he will be able to weather this storm. But what can move a strong person to kill himself even with the support of people around him? How far can one's resilience snap and just let go and leave everything behind? Can you detect depression from the people you love and would you know how to reach out?

What will make you snap and what do you need to correct it?


Lui said...

Since I'm hyperactive I normally get impatient and this makes me moody. Normally, when I feel stressed out, I stay quiet, take deep breaths, and empty my mind for a few minutes. Then when I am relaxed I can go back and review what happened and take action.

But this is under normal conditions. Most times I simply let it out. I say what I needed to say and hope the recipient will respect and understand me.

I feel lucky to support several self-help groups in the past and learned from their program.

It is not easy to be strong when everything does not look the same way for everybody. ;-(

Self Sagacity said...

If this is the second one comment, it's because the first one vanished with a click.

You are right Lui about people just having different tolerance levels. I am strong in most situations so I don't understand people who have everything going for them but give up. I also have seen a lot of people get beaten up by life over and over again, and those people, I really feel for.
*Infidelity from my mate would make me snap, my mother, my kids. Those are the most effective people in my life.
*I bury myself by being busy.

Self Sagacity said...

The first sky is like a mark of some kind.

Viola said...

I'm so sad to hear about the man who shot himself.. will we sometime get an answere to why some choose to do that.. It's sad and not to understand a case like that.. :/
A man with two faces, so to speak.. frightening to hear when some people do that against not only themselves, but also to their family.... :/

Like your sky, with two faces, too..
But a lot more comfortable..

I love both the two of your sky pictures here! If I had to choose one of them, I choose the last one.. :)

Love and kisses to you, Sweepy and Sumo.... :) --Viola and Pusa.. :)

Nortehanon said...

I guess everything became too much to bear for him. It's a sad thing.

Nortehanon said...

I've always loved taking photos of the sky :)

J Bar said...

Beautiful skies.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Greg Dimitriadis said...

Great clouds, especially the circular one in the first picture.

JamericanSpice said...

I have not looked at the sky as I used to. I used to tell myself stories with the way the clouds moved and form shapes.
Love your photos.

What would make me snap is if my husband keeps on the way he does with not helping me with the children and regular life at home.

I am taking steps to let him understand how important his involvement is to me and how I see a successful family.
Just one day if he will come and wash dishes with me, my heart will be full.

For now that is all I think will make me snap.

It feels odd saying it aloud, but there.

I remember being close to where that man was, but not taking the steps. It went with me through childhood , living in the orphanage. Somehow I came thorugh and I didn't have any support system.

Today I feel that because of my children, I would never do such a thing to them by taking myself away, even if things get too hard.

Makes me tear up just thinking of waht I'm saying now.

Luna Miranda said...

Gen. Reyes' suicide was shocking. i woke up to the news of his suicide on Tuesday morning and spent the whole morning in front of the TV.

i can't really say what would make me snap. in the past. stress from work and feelings of hopelessness almost got me. i sought professional help, i reached out to people, i prayed...hard. i still panic sometimes, forget to breath...but i know in my mind and heart that i can get past it..."this too shall pass..."

DoanLegacy said...

I'm praying to God for strength so I don't snap. Life is too much some time, and to correct my weakness, I have to pray constantly..

Let's pray for the man's soul, and not question why or how or anything..

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

I love looking up at the sky, and I'm sorry hear about that man, but when it comes to suicidal, I have to say that it takes a great amount of courage to go through the process. I wish him peace, and freedom!