03 February 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Sorry but I do not know the exact translation because although we have Chinese relatives, I do not speak or write in Chinese! What I do know is that both greetings bring good wishes for the Chinese New Year today and tomorrow! There are two groups saying that it is today and another saying it is tomorrow. But the Chinese celebrates the new year during the new moon which is today! ;-) Some of the Chinese traditions are inspired by the essence of feng shui (wind and water) that governs the energy flow (chi) around us. Some think it is superstition but traditions are mostly anchored on beliefs handed down through generations that somehow still reverberate ancient truths that are still relevant in modern society which explains why these traditions are still practiced until now.

So as a way of celebrating the Chinese traditions, I bring out our red 2011 calendar (the picture above given by a neighbor last Christmas) and got some round fruits (round signify wealth). . . .

. . . and got something sweet and round (for happy times and good tidings) which I can not share with my dogs Sumo and Sweepy because I am trying to remove too much sweet from their diet . . .

. . . and had some fruit wine (a toast for a productive year ahead!) . . .

. . . and although I hate firecrackers, I just enjoyed the colorful spray in the skies (fireworks are supposed to drive evil away - something that I find extremely amusing!)

The Chinese look to the new year as the year of the Rabbit (or Cat for the others) which make it a quiet year, a bit sneaky, elegant and good-looking which in essence mean that it is good for those in the beauty business and the arts! I am not wholly into these traditions but they provide practical tips. So I light a candle for all those stranded in the snow (USA) and storm (Australia) and hope that the good energy of the Chinese traditions help bring some comfort to them. More than anything, I believe more in a paradigm that see the positive in these traditions and practices! And now here are my questions to share with Self Sagacity's TwoQuestionsThursday:

1. Do you believe in feng shui and have you practiced it?

2. Do you observe certain traditions borrowed from other cultures that seemed relevant to you?



Lui said...

And here are my Answers to my Qs:

1. Yes, I reposition work desks and furniture to align with the positive areas this year. I think feng shui was able to chart the laws of nature well. And they worked!

2. Yes. I observe and practice certain traditions which are anchored on love, respect, health and healing, and ways to be more productive!

May the Chinese Year of the Rabbit bring everybody a bountiful harvest, healthy lifestyle and meaningful introspection. Cheers!

JamericanSpice said...

This is very interesting.

I don't have any traditional observations that I do except to pray.

I do think that our surroundings can help us in how we are feeling and it should be as calm and flowing as possible outside of a celebration.
Especially the home.

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, I do. All my bedroom furniture are conscientiously arranged for feng shui. I think about the obvious things when buying a home, such as...house number, position, surroundings.
Yes, I do. There are some from the US that I really adopted to, but being in the US 99% of my life, it's hard not to.
Thanks for joining today.
Happy New Year to you, may this year be the best year just yet. May you possess abundant of love, peace and health.

Gale said...

1. I don't really know much about Feng Shui...maybe you could stop by my blog and tell me about it. I'm guessing there are things in Feng Shui that I might agree with but other things that would conflict with my beliefs.

2. Well, I don't know if these are traditions, but I had roommates from Asia who exposed me to parts of their culture I take with me. Like, one of my Asian friend was bothered that Americans asked "How are you?" then keep walking, not caring about the answer. So now, I don't ask that unless I have time to listen, and at least with friends, try to give a real answer to that question when it's asked, in stead of just saying "hi." I also now enjoy some foods that I didn't before!

Viola said...

Happy New Year!! :)

I'm maybe a bit late, but better than never.. :) Such delicious fruits, yummy!! ;D Oh..and I can see you get your dogs temptated.... ;) I see them in the background of your sweet cake.. ;D Lovely bottle of wine!
The year of the Rabbit.. Must it bring all of us a good helath and luck..! :)

Such a lovely sky in your post below here!! Wow!! and nice handcraft..

and your questions.. 1: Yes I might think there is something quite good with the Feng Shui.. I don't knw very much about it, but I know a little.. I wanted to learn Feng Shui once.. it's still not too late.. I would like to place my inventar in our flat like Feng Shui says you should do..
2: In the foods, yes.. other ways, I don't know.. don't think I do.. :)

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

1) I believe in balance and comfortable.

2) Living in American, there are lots of borrowed traditions, and I keep the good ones such as Thanksgiving and birthday!