14 February 2011

Monday Bling2

I'm quite late in posting but here are my photo challenges for Monday. Allie of Happy Monday is focusing on "jewelry" this week so I decided to open my small bling-bling container:

Since most of my activities revolve around art productions where I usually wear "workshop clothes" (read: apron, old shirts and pants that is ready to take in paints, animal drools ;-O, sticky fingerprints - this happens when there is a kid munching candies and wants to sit on my lap and hug me :-0, wear and tear movements, etc.) . . . This can only mean that I rarely get to wear any of my accessories save for a kiddy watch (the cute plastic ones), a ring with a picture of my dog Sweepy smiling at me (Yes to remind me to hurry home and if you want to look at it click HERE), and maybe an earring. So when I opened my kit I actually smiled and relished wearing some of my accessories which I have not worn in years!

This choker is actually made up of small pearl buttons and strewn together with small beads.

This blue petite neckpiece I prefer to wear on my wrist with my translucent ring. The blue beaded cuff is perfect when I wear my blue jeans and white shirt. Hey, I can wear this again! This is perfect for Smiling Sally's Blue Monday!
Smiling Sally

And this is my favorite diamond earring. I lost the other half during a research trip ;-( And this is the best macro shot I can take of it because it is just a brilliantito (a small diamond) for Lisa's Macro Monday.

And this one was made by a tricycle driver who offered to make my name pin for P10 ($1: P43) before I took a ride in his trike. It took him just a minute to do it and I would have ordered a lot except that I only brought enough for fare from a short ride from the convenience store to my house. I want to share this with Lisa of The Creative Exchange . . . I was amazed at the creativity and enterprising spirit this man has for trying to earn extra and share his talent! If you must know I regret not getting his trike's number! ;-(

I love that most of these accessories are not expensive and that they carry interesting stories and that they get a lot of notice from people when I wear them. Now I should love it more if I will find the time to wear them again. I seem to have lost the art of sprucing myself up again. ;-(

Have a fun Monday everyone!


JBarone said...

great shots of your bling-bling!

lisa said...

Lui -

I so enjoyed this post, and all of these pieces are wonderful. I too, love that each has a story. It makes wearing that that much more special! I especially love the name pin. Just fantastic!!

Thank you so much for sharing these this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day.


wena said...

you have a wonderful collection!


...now a follower, looking forward for more!