12 February 2011

Sunday Photo Challenges

This is one of the plants in our house named Heaven. I love its texture and the way it feels in my arms. And of course I love the shadows it create!

This is the old brick accent on a wall in our garden. My late father had it installed because he wanted air to circulate along the dividing walls in the yard especially during the hot summer months. Initially, I protested against having it installed (I didn't like the design) but I was outvoted (Yes, it was and is pretty democratic in our house!) and through the years their decision proved wise and practical (it is durable, easy to maintain, decorative, and really provide good ventilation!)

These are small leaf-life flowers strewn along the flower bush in one of the houses in our neighborhood. Since they are in clusters they shone bright under the lights and their pretty white petals are velvety and strong, considering its size!

This is the beginning of our Hoya flower. It is mole sized (really small!) and this Hoya is one of the flowers returning to bloom after some erratic sunny-chilly weather. I featured our Hoya here and here.

. . . is my small, square, blue, unscented candle. A perfect tool to burn edges of texture paper to create antique-looking cards.

These five photo challenge from Ashley over at:

And here is my entry for Amy's CSS, a fun photo editing challenge to leave one color item in a monochrome. These are the shells from a wind chime made by my student Chantrice and painted by her sister Calla for our weekend art workshop:


The Chair Speaks said...

Love the leaves, patterned wall and lovely white.
Do those white flowers have a nice scent?

Lui said...

Hi Chair and EJ and cats...
Nope, the white flowers did not have a scent. But then maybe I did not notice because it was so hot when I took the shot and was raring to move on. There were also some stray dogs who were growling at me! ;-o

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...


Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like your strong shot....so simple and beautiful.

deb duty said...

Love your patterns shot. Nice perspective.

Nicolasa said...

Beautiful photos! I love the first one!

Marvelous Mommy said...

Beautiful! I love the first shot!

Gretchen said...

All great shots, but I especially love your pattern and bright white shots! The way you've captured the wall makes it look beautiful. Well done!

Amy said...

I love your pattern and strong shots! Beautiful.

And the selective coloring is so pretty. I really like the natural texture of the shells.