07 February 2011

My Weekend Hunt

Aside from the purple flowers I featured last Saturday, these are what I also discovered on my weekend walk with some of my kid friends (as I mentioned in my previous post):

Ampalaya (bitter gourd)

Kalabasa (squash)

Talong (eggplant)

And the local orange (dalanghita)

Except for the orange, the kids proudly told me that they helped plant the first three! And these were planted in an empty lot inside a private village in the city! I am truly amazed. What a healthy environment for city kids to grow up in. And because it is a Monday, I share all of these with Macro Monday, Mellow Yellow, The Creative Exchange and Happy Monday which is looking for something "black and white" which were our perfect walking companions, Maxi and Snowball, who both love 'parking' at the peanut grass. Don't worry because the village security people saw and allowed it. Have a happy week!

. . . and this is their monochrome candid shot:



Allie said...

Those dogs are so cute! Thanks for linking up to Happy Monday! :)

lisa said...

Wow Lui! you found a lot of great stuff on that walk. Love the eggplant blossoms. Right now, all we have here is a lot of snow, so it is so nice to see these!
Love those little cuties too. Truly sweet!!
Thank you so much for sharing all of these this week at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!!


Diana said...

Wow, this post makes me missed all those food! Yum!

Viola said...

Panut gras?!-Wow!!
Lovely dogs and lovely photos! I fancy the Talong! :)

Here it's snowing today!! Large dots lokking like cottons falling down..

Snow kisses for you and Sweepy and Sumo from me and Pusa!! ^^

Pat said...

Nice group of photos! I can't wait to see green, growing things around here again. Your furry friends, Maxi and Snowball are adorable!

Magdalena said...

So gorgeous pictures.

Kim, USA said...

I missed ampalaya. The photos are awesome!
Macro Monday

ruthi said...

thumbs up to you... this is just what i want to see right now amidst the 20 inches snow. thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

How lovely to see things growing and flowering. I was interested to see the egg plant flowers - they're very like potato / solanum flowers so I'm wondering now if these plants are related.

Thanks for sharing the finds from your walk. :)

LisaF said...

There is no better lesson for a child than to plant something and watch is grow because of their hand. And to have it grow in a vacant lot in the city is all the more amazing. Oh, and love Max and Snowball sitting on the green carpet. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

You can tell you walked around with your heart in hand...these are awesome and beautiful finds! I love your black and white (the colored version)...they are just too darn cute!

Self Sagacity said...

The first photo, isn't it okra? Very bitter, my mom likes that stuff. I couldn't and haven't gotten desperate enough to eat any.

Anonymous said...

Max (not Maxi) and Snowball are Pomeranians.

Anonymous said...

T. Lui can you picture Max, Snowball and Rottie and post it on your blog?