27 February 2011

Sunday Challenges . . .

For all of Ashley's 5 challenges for SHS this week, I am featuring one of our small plants that bloom with gorgeous flowers called Desert Rose.


Whenever this Desert Rose plant would bloom with flowers, I am reminded of the beauty of the cycle of life. For this plant seem to survive the dry-windy-hot-erratic weather and my clumsy dogs and ALL critters in my small heaven.


This plant with few leaves has seen our day to day events and has heard most of our loud and noisy banter and chitchat, not to mention the dogs coming and goings, and possibly, whatever is going on in the neighborhood (gasp!). . . This plant is very much a part of our everyday routine and so much a part of our family! If you can hear plants singing, this one is a shy warbler.


The background went blurred because of the macro shot. Ha! It's as if the plant is telling the dogs, "hey, it is my turn to shine today!" ;-)


Well, the plant on closer inspection, has cute furry petals! Well, no wonder it feels like velvet and soft to the touch! :-)

Capture the Sky

And who looks to the sky all day and night as if in prayer? Come to think of it, plants rise and spread their glory to the Supreme Creator so whenever we are awed and inspired by their beauty, we pay homage to the One who made all of these natural and sturdy beauties rise and shine all day! And captured at sunset below, it turns into monochrome:

And here is the lovely Desert Rose for Amy's CSS:

Sumo loves to sniff and bark his greetings and, in turn, Desert Rose loves to brush her leaves against the black one!

And if you can't have enough of this beautiful flower, check its previous blooming which I featured HERE. And here's a bonus shot after I watered it! There are almost a dozen flowers waiting to bloom inside that small cluster!

. . . and that will surely bring a smile to this tired Keeper of Heaven whose fingers are all cracked and dry tending to her flock! ;-)

UPDATED! March 7: Just found out from Sweepy that my CSS in this post won this week! Thanks Amy!


misc.alaina said...

great take on the prompts! I really like the life shot!

Titania said...

Hi Lui; the beautiful desert rose tells a lovely story, it is really part of the family. The raindrops adornment and the macro are very alluring.
I also love the walking Iris; it looks very exotic. Its flowering time is short and sweet but in profusion.

Viola said...

Hi Lui! :)
Very lovely pictures and words!

By time Ill also visit Sweepy..

Say hello with kisses to Sumo and Sweepy! And as well for you of course! ;)

Sweepy said...

Happy Bday, Keeper!

The DesertRose stinks.
I should know.

Carla S said...

Love your first shot! It's beautiful!

Marla said...

Very cool.

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

Ashley Sisk said...

Such beautiful takes on this beautiful flower!

Jama said...

The Desert Rose thrive in our climate. Most of my Chinese neighbours have a pot of the desert rose in front of their apartments.

Amy said...

I love how you used one subject to portray all of these themes. So creative!

Abby K said...

Cool plant! I like how you used one subject for all the prompts!!