28 March 2011

Photo Challenges


This fading but holding on (for the last four months!) Birds of Paradise flower in the garden of our house Heaven. I always water this plant because my dogs kept leaving pee mails on it and tramples on its long, elegant leaves! This is also for Lisa's Macro Monday:


Where all action starts and ends, mostly cooking and preparing my dogs meals. Ha! My sisters do the cooking for human meals ;-)

Group of 3

Taken using my dog Sweepy's camera phone ;-)
These are super hot sili (chili peppers!) given to my sister Luchie by our market vendor as some sort of a giveaway (for being regular customers, I guess) . . . We are not into hot spices so my sister used these instead to shoo the ants. Apparently, ants hate anything spicy as well ;-)

Things that make me go . . . hmmmm

Now this is what happens when I am reading or doing some ME time, somebody will surely be staying beside me. In this instance, when I read the cartoons, er, the papers, Sweepy will be staying on my left or on the right.

ME Time

Suffice it to say that my ME time in Heaven is always a WE time.

This intimate shot of my lovely pets (they hate that word though) is also perfect for Allie's Happy Monday theme featuring pets!


Allie said...

Great photos! Thanks for linking up! :)

andrea said...

Love all your pictures! My favorites are the kitchen shot and group of three! I too never have me time without some 4 legged love.

Candace McClintick said...

love the last one! precious!

Brooke said...

love the last one of you and your pets :D

Ashley Sisk said...

These are so great - I especially love your first two shots!

Kimberly Gauthier said...

My me time is always a we time as well. I have two dogs, litter mates who look nothing alike anymore, but have the same eyes. Amazing to see when they're both looking at me.

Sometimes my boyfriend joins me during my me time. I'm glad, but when I do get true ME TIME, man I love it.

Great pictures. Loved them all.

Karrie said...

Your me time pic leaves me speechless! So pretty!

Teresa said...

Me time is always better spent with friends! :-) I love the shot of the bird of paradise.