21 March 2011

A Walk With A Child . . .

In my hands they feel light and I hardly feel their fading petals . . .

In the harsh light and heat of mid-morning, they dance wearily.
As I listen to a child's soft recitation of poetry nearby.
The soft young voice like a chanting lullaby.
The swirling flowers like a soft melody.

There is something poignant
in the magical twirl of things.

". . . you are a friend
that hugs me like a pillow in the dark . . ."
the child recited her poetry with eyes closed.

And you are magic that tugs at my weary heart.
I whispered in the wind.

I held out my hand to the child
as we weave our way
in the pattern of our magical encounter . . .

My Red Bird of Paradise flowers (with yellow)
for two very special Lisas of:

Macro Monday:

The Creative Exchange:


Pat said...

This is very beautiful - images and words! Well done, Lui!

Ray said...

Beautiful photos!

lisa said...

What a beautiful post and photographs Lui!
Each photograph, as lovely as the words to go with it.

I thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening.


joco said...

You are so right:
They ARE two very special Lisa's.

What is that finely formed flower you are treating us to today? I don't recognize it.

Greyscale Territory said...

A magical series of flower photos! So love the beautiful tone and shape of the yellow one!

Margaret said...

I have visited your last 4 or 5 posts. How lovely your relationship with your dogs and I enjoy how you embrace the world around you. I laughed at you exploits with the children you were giving art lessons to.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful flowers you show here to day, too.

Kristy said...

Amazing colors!!

Lisa said...

Your flowers and prose are so lovely. I especially like the last photo. Tthe spindly stamens and pop of yellow color against the blurred background really caught my eye.

Sylvia said...

This is simply amazing - beautiful photos and deep thougthful words !

Viola said...

Such magnificent flowers and words of yours!!!! =)

You're a star, my star! :)