14 April 2011

Give In

Yes, I did. Who can say no to this dimsum platter at half price? Well, normally I would say no. I try to avoid red meat since the 90s although I am not a vegetarian. But this week, coming home tired from a whole day of doing painting workshops, I was enticed by this popular noodle house to try this dimsum platter at the mall. It looked good and I thought it would be perfect for dinner, so I gave in.
It has everything! Pork siomai, fried wanton, vegetarian spring rolls, hakao, barbecued pork siopao served with three sauces and accompanied by a huge bag of shrimp crackers. Needless to say it was heavenly and quite a steal at its price: P130 or around $3! (Note: $1=P43) Every piece was yummy! I left some for my sister Luchie who was tempted to break her 'light dinner' (she normally have crackers, milk and fruits for dinner) and agreed that it was good but too heavy.

Not used to eating pork, my stomach felt heavy all night until the next day. I compensated by having lots of fruits the next day. My dog Sweepy looked alarmed (he can probably hear my stomach growling in protest) and stayed beside me all day! Sometimes it feels good to give in. And sometimes it is not.

Now here are my questions for Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions (TTQ):

1. What would make you give in?
2. What foods do you avoid for health or personal reasons?


Poetic Shutterbug said...

1. I never deny myself when it comes to food. I always give in.

2. I try not to eat anything very salty and do limit my sweets. Other than that, anything goes :D

Margaret Duarte said...

1. I give in to ice cream ever so often.
2. I avoid most fatty food, fast food, and beef. I'm lucky. I like fruits and vegetables and whole grains and milk products. Can't go without my daily latte. I also like eggs and chicken. Just had my blood work done and all my counts are right where they should be. Must be the diet.

SquirrelQueen said...

Yum, the platter does look delicious. That would have been hard to resist.

Ice cream is my weakness also, I give in sometimes.

I try to avoid sweets, fatty meats, and processed foods. It helps that I love all fruits and veggies.

Ewa said...

I like eating and will try almost anything that looks good and smells nice and,
at the moment I shouldn't be eating anything fried , cooked in oil, I am pregnant and not everything agrees with me :)

♥~Judy~♥ said...

I give in to ice cream only about once a year.

I try to avoid red meat, sugars, salts and processed foods. The older I get the more I learn about the benefits of eating natural whole foods.

The plate did look tasty though. :-)

Luna Miranda said...

i give in 99% of the time.:p but i don't binge anymore, everything in moderation.

i don't really avoid it, but i try not to eat too much red meat. we have a family history of cancer and i believe it's a worthwhile precaution.

Regina said...

Lol..your dog even heard! Well, I try to stay away from red meat but it's hard as my husband enjoys it. At least he's a salad lover. I like how you compensated with the fruit..very wise. That looks absolutlely delicious..I enjoy many types of food but would have to say I too avoid a lot of salt and pastries. I generally prefer to make it. I think I'd go for a quality pizza and a lava cake
(ha ha)..wmaybe worse might be a grilled burger and fries?

Self Sagacity said...

Hi Lui,
I have been giving up a lot of the food that I used to love. Seafood, salty food less are consumed less often now for health reasons.
I have a weakness for Coke right now and that is hard to resist. As far as foods - I love so many. Noodles I just don't give up. No sweet tooth here.
thanks for linking up and playing this week.

JamericanSpice said...

I give in to Mauna Loa Macadamia nuts chocolates :)

2. I don't have to avoid any foods for health reasons, however I don't do greasy foods or anything too salted.

Aloha! :)

DoanLegacy said...

1) Give in? I always fold when it comes to children crying, mine and others'..

2) I avoid fast food, fried food, red meat, saucy food.

But now I want some dim sum..