16 April 2011

Pink and Blue

People noticed that I rarely bring bags when I go out anymore. Instead I carry small coin purses. When I go out to facilitate an art workshop, I come wearing my working apron and my coin purse in my hand. My phone is tucked in one of the pockets of my apron and in the other pockets are my hand sanitizers, tissues, fan, insect repellant and another pocket for my camera.

Yes, I designed my aprons to carry all these essentials without the need for a bag! Some people, mostly strangers, would directly ask me in curiosity if I am a cook, a chef perhaps, or a yaya! Haha! For fun, I sometimes say I take care of children (partly true) and for some I say I cook ideas (totally true) and mostly I say that I am wearing a work apron for conducting art workshops.
My students know this from day one that their teacher goes to work in an apron and goes home wearing it. Some of them also say that 't.lui' has cute coin purses where she keeps exact bills and coins for fare and that she keeps her money elsewhere for security. Shhhhh!

So needless to say, I commute and take public transport (mostly airconditioned vans and buses) which is more convenient because driving and parking in Manila is a nightmare! I demand that I get picked up and dropped off at the terminals but mostly, if it is reasonable, I walk. I am also a listed client of a cab service where I simply text to get fetched so I do not have to go through the hassle of calling a cab. It is also safer since your calls and rides are monitored. Crimes are also rampant so if I figured in a hold-up scenario, my cute purses, which is the only thing visible, will be the first to go! Sigh.

My pink and blue purse are especially for Beverly's Pink Saturday and Smiling Sally's Blue Monday!

Smiling Sally


Kathleen said...

What sweet purses! Mine weighs a ton and is making my shoulder sag! I should go smaller, way smaller!
I have my life inside my purse, no money though! :)
Thanks so much for visiting me, so nice to meet you!

Jenn said...

Happy Pink Saturday ... a long way away! My family lived in Philippines when I was 18 months old. A ways back. They loved their stay there. I enjoyed the photos. A bit young to remember it. Speaking of photos, some very interesting ones down your sidebar. A very interesting read of your sidebar and post today. Cute coin purses! Nifty apron idea! Happy Pink! Jenn - Texas USA

paintedlady89 said...

Thank you for your visit...I love your little coin purses. It's funny...twenty years ago I was toting little purses, but here in Arizona , I almost want to carry a tote bag...and I drive a car! Your aprons inspire me to design some clothes with functioning pockets!
Keep pink in your heart!

Viola said...

Lovely coin purses! You are clever! :)

SmilingSally said...

So pretty. Love your blue purse!

Happy Blue Monday, Lui.

Ms. Burrito said...


Would you please come and see my Blues? Thanks a lot!

Kim, USA said...

Love those purses.
Blue Monday

STEF said...

Pretty purses! Hope you can also check out my entry . Thank you!