26 April 2011

I Heart Petrocelli!

Okay, I am finally giving this stray cat who lives in our roof a name: Petrocelli. Don't ask why. My sister Luchie went ballistic ("we can't have another pet!" "we can't adopt a cat because the dogs will kill it!" blah blah blah) . . . But I am not having another pet. I am not adopting another animal. I am simply giving Petrocelli his identity. Oh so okay, I also, from time to time, would sneak in food for him. Of course I know giving food constitute making him feel dependent on me or something. But I can't help it!

Petrocelli was in high spirits during the holy week break when the whole neighborhood was quiet. Petrocelli was eyeing some hot (literally and figuratively) cat in some roof and they always landed in our roof and practically chase and made loud noises in the wee hours of the morning and late nights and at all hours of the day. Poor Petrocelli is sleepless and so are my dogs Sweepy and Sumo. Our poor roof! Our poor sleepless neighbors. But at least, Petrocelli is happy. And so am I.

I am definitely entering Petrocelli for this challenge:

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Gattina said...

Once cats and dogs get used together they love each other. My friend has two dogs who sleep side by side and the cat on the top of their two bottoms !
It's just so nice of you that you give this poor cat some food !

michael bird said...

What a softie you are! But I think that's great. Just might have to come sit on your doorstep sometime and see if I can get equal treatment. Promise not to make as much noise as Petrocelli.