28 April 2011

The White Leaves

. . . whispering leaves
amidst the thirsty ones
blooming wildly
in the heat of dusk . . .

This week our temperature was up at 36 degrees centigrade and going higher. It was so difficult to work and worry how my dogs and our plants were coping, especially when I go out. I have to water the plants and wet the dogs coat several times a day (this aside from their weekly baths and daily brushing and grooming). Yesterday, I found the two dogs hardly breathing and lying down with their mouths open. These brought back memories of my dog Bogart who died in sleep last year. I was in panic and grief as I rushed to wipe the father and son senior dogs Sweepy and Sumo with wet towels. They immediately felt relief and I went about splashing water all around Heaven, wetting the floors, the plants and the streets in front of us. It felt like 38 degrees!

I also stepped out of Heaven to give Dawgy, the neighbor's dog which we also feed, with water. PLUS, a kitten we sort of adopted across the street. It pains me not to have these other animals in our house because my dogs are intact and territorial and might pose problems when I adopt and bring more animals home.

In the heat of the hour, I found these white leaves among their variegated kind. They were new and shiny and seemed unmindful of the heat. These will thrive in the heat as they have done for a long, long time. I watered them nonetheless and uttered a prayer for all of us, coping with tornadoes, sudden heat, sudden rain, and quick changes in weather . . . and nature's cleansing phase . . .

For Dragonstar's
Black and White Weekend.

And for Self-Sagacity's
Thursday Two Questions:

What is the weather like in your place right now?
Is this normal and if not, how do you cope?


Poetic Shutterbug said...

Right now we are having very warm weather.

Where I live the weather is never normal. We don't have seasons so it is forever changing on a daily basis. When it is cloudy and overcast I like to do things that make me happy like listening to music or reading poetry.

-☼-Icy BC said...

Those are beautiful shots, Lui.

The weather around my place is gloomy, rainy, and very windy. The weather warns of a tornado, and to cope with this depressing weather, I still go out in the rain to take pictures of flowers, or whatever caught my eyes.

Have a good weekend..

DoanLegacy said...

The weather is great for us so far in Southern Cali, and very comfortable.

I always seem to find things to do, and wait for a better day.

Self Sagacity said...

Yes, I believe nature has its way of cleansing the earth.
We finally have sunshine! and I am so in love with the brightness and the sun.
We should have more sunshine already, but I am not going to complain after seeing Icy's comments. :-0

Margaret Duarte said...

1. It's windy outside today, a bit annoying because of all the dust flying, but temperature-wise, perfect.
2. I tolerate the weather by adjusting to it. If it's hot, I walk in the early morning. If it's cold, I walk in the afternoon. If it's windy, I shorten my walk. The heat of summer brings the extra chore of keeping everything watered, which is often an impossibility. In my yard, the draught-resistant plants are plentiful, whereas those that need a lot of water find another yard to thrive in.

SquirrelQueen said...

The white leaves are beautiful as are your photos.

Right now our weather is still cool but before long it will get very hot. We will have temperatures about the same as you are having now.

When it starts to get very hot I make sure to leave bowls of fresh water around the house for any animal that might come along, I change water throughout the day. The squirrels in our neighborhood really like the fresh water.

Denise said...

Hi Lui, what beautiful pictures of such delicate leaves. We have had tornado watches in our area, and many tornadoes have touched down from Virginia to Georgia. They are telling us that it has been the worst tornado weather in American history.

JamericanSpice said...

The weather has cooled down lately because of the storms, but it was high 80s and humid and miserable for a few weeks!

Hope we get a bit more of this cool before it ends.

Aloha! :)

LauraX said...

love these images Lui...so bold against the dark background.

January said...

awesome images..:)

Hope you can visit Weekend in Black & White thanks

Dragonstar said...

The leaves are beautiful. Proof that life will always continue.

Your poor dogs must be so glad for the water to cool them off.