01 August 2011

Ms Higad is Back!

"The most beautiful thing we can experience
is the mysterious."
- Albert Einstein

"Satisfaction of one's curiosity
is one of the greatest sources
of happiness in life."
- Linus Pauling

"Look and you will find it - -
what is unsought
will go undetected."
- Sophocles

I featured Ms Higad before but I can not locate and link to those old posts! ;-) . . . Ms Higad hides behind the leaves because she knew that if discovered, she will be swept out and buried in the earth. If anybeing in our house Heaven will have the misfortune to get in contact with just a single needle of Ms Higad you will experience the worst allergy attack ever. I should know because I had one years ago! I had high fever for three days which left me almost paralyzed and had tiny red marks all over my body which resembles chicken pox. Since I had chicken pox already my worried Mama carried me to the nearest clinic. I was not aware of any of this because I was deliriously unconscious and exhibited to the community as a worse case scenario of a nature lover. By the fourth day everything miraculously returned to normal and I was back to work as if nothing happened. All traces of ugly marks gone and I felt fine.

So now I view Ms Higad, not as a foe, but as somebody who must protect herself from unknown foes. I was not but then you'll never know. Because at this ticklish scary state, Ms Higad is in search of a safe space to curl herself, escape into her cocoon, where she will later emerge as a moth. I did not know of this either until some kind bloggers informed me.

We build our own protective layers against imagined attacks. Some snobbish people I know are actually painfully shy and assume such defensive manner in fear. So what is your "higad" moment? What do you coat yourself from the world?

A ticklish tale for two special Lisas in August:


Genie said...

What a fabulous story accompanying aweome pictures of Ms. Higad. If you had not told me differently, I would have thought she was an innocent caterpilar...DON”T THINK SOO! Boy, will I keep my eyes open in the future for any similar critters. Your getting so dangerouly ill is frightening. Thank goodness you returned to your normal self. One of our greeters at Wally World in her twenties was bitten on the leg by a small copperhead while watering flowers on her front porch. She did not apply a tourniquet or call for help immediately so now she is extremely ill and will lose her foot. So glad you got to hospital in time.Still, you got some fab captures from a distance I feel sure. Genie

lisa said...

These are wonderful shots of Ms Higad, Lui. I think you are right that some people who seem very stand-offish are just shy. Shy is cute when you're 2, but I imagine it can be quite painful as an adult.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Pradeepa said...

Oh I know, this is a very dangerous fella. We used to have lots of them in certain trees at my parents' place.

Connie Smiley said...

And to think they look so cute! I love your black dog, especially the close up shot. I don't think my dog would ever sit still for that. Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your nice comment.

Genie said...

Lui.....Please come back for my next installment of Buddy’s hike. Right now he is in NYC waiting to leave for Vermont. I will post as soon as I get shots back from him. I have so many people I have met through my blog following Buddy on this huge endeavor. It really does warm my heart to know that there are so many folk out there that love nature and hiking and are now so involved in Buddy’s hike. I am still shuttering about your bites. That was such a scary story. Genie