22 August 2011

Moth, Mother, Matter

Who would have thought that the creepy crawling Ms Higad will morph into another creature after hibernation?

"It's a funny thing about life; if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it" - Somerset Maugham

And there she goes trying to flip her wings right at my dog Sumo's bewildered eyes! I did not see Ms Higad at first but I found Sumo watching the wall intently and unmoving for minutes and when I investigated, there was Ms Higad!

Today is my late Mama's birthday. In my weekend post I talked about my mother and my mother's mother (my grandma) and now I remember one of the lessons that she taught me was to be innovative as a creative way of approaching dilemmas. Mama would not allow any blockage or problems sitting down. She would sift through it with a prayer of confidence and let her imagination rule overtime. And this she shared with everyone.

Thus, at a young age, I was a walking creative think tank like her. I would solve space saving problems easily, design projects fast, style other people homes or spaces on site, write stories fast, do research work enthusiastically . . . I was practically tagged at meetings and parties or made to help with spaces and design which require creative work. The fee was not important. The satisfaction was in the ability to achieve the desired results fast and efficiently.

While sifting through piles of stuff from years of storage (we recently renovated a room in the back of the house that was used as a store room for years!) I have to segregate things I can recycle and use to those that I have to discard or give away. Now I have a huge stash of stuff piling for possible mixed media work, stuff from the past that not only brought memories but amazing objects that can be recycled into beautiful functional works.

Ms Higad has transformed into a moth. She whispers about confusion and noise in the air which I hushed with mellow singing. The critters feel the tension around us and for those of us who can communicate and creatively heal and change our spaces and energies, we must harness them now! The time to take stock, to use gadgets less (a lot of friends who are gadget dependent are actually less productive and less efficient), to use our hands and minds more, to connect with nature and everything natural (use salt as a natural cleaner, water as a good source of oxygen, etc.) and to link with beings that were created equally like us. Animals are not the lesser beings and plants are breathing living beings that are as important as our electronic gadgets.

Oh, Ms Higad, learn to flex your wings and listen close to the whispers of the leaves. Do not be distracted by the noisy hurtful energies of wireless connections. The moon has waned and in time it will wax to full. The cycle continues and we all move with it . . .

. . . and happy bday, Mama. May your new spaces be bright, airy and cheery and filled with your loving touch . . . until we meet again . . .


Kaya said...

Ms. Higad has transformed into not only a moth but a very graceful and beautiful moth, I think.

I enjoyed so much your fantastic pictures. They are all very impressive and beautiful. And some of them are very unique.

I enjoyed also very much reading the whole post. Your writing is wonderful. And I agree completely with Somerset Maugham. I perhaps should make it my motto. I think about it.

Greetings from Kaya.

lisa said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mama, Lui. I truly enjoyed reading this post, and your photographs are wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange. It is truly perfect for it.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful Tuesday!


Kat Sloma said...

Nice to see you at the Creative Exchange too Lui! How fun to connect in all of these different places. :) Hopefully you'll get the sixth postcard from me very soon!