26 August 2011

She Who Walks The Path . . .

. . . has found her home . . .

. . . and lost it
and felt the pain,
and faced sadness,
fears, silence,
and of being alone
and understood the meaning of it all.

. . . has seen the light
has embraced joy,
and reaped the full meaning of it.

I met them in the Path.
I met them out of the Path as well.
I met them and they shared with me their walks.

And now I walk with faith.

For all the senior citizens of the world.
For all those I met and left the world
as well as for those who stayed
and for those who add meaning and joy in my life.
Your path paves mine.

I featured this beautiful orchid in previous post. They are now fading beautifully amidst the threat of storm "Mina" that is passing my country now and bringing rains and winds. Yet as I hugged my dogs and hugged myself as well, I am reminded of those who walked my path with courage, faith and joy, and gave me the strength to hold on and hang on. The storms will pass, another beautiful orchid will grow, my dogs will dance and play in their senior years, and my two senior Manangs (an endearment we use to refer to older sisters) has remained helpful, funny, healthy and wise. . .

They who walk the path walks with a joyful heart . . .

And I share this with Maia, Beverly, Amy, Denise (we are praying for you in the USA as Hurricane Irene lands today) and the TodaysFlowers team Luiz, Laerte, and Sandy. We have a long weekend holiday ahead. On Monday we celebrate Heroes day and on Tuesday our Muslim countrymen will end their Ramadan and we will celebrate with them!
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The Chair Speaks said...

Thanks Lui for remembering senior citizens of the world and walking for them. Just like senior citizens, colours of the orchids are still beautiful and brilliant, only a little dry.

Abramyan Avenue said...

Very beautiful post!!! I love it! Hope you get some rest in this weekend!
happy pink saturday!

Roan said...

Even faded they are gorgeous! Loved the poem, as well.

Pat said...

Beautiful orchids and the sentiments that go with it. Happy PS!

Cheryl said...

Beautifully written poem and note.

Your flower is gorgeous.

ester said...

What a beautiful post. The orchids are so pretty.

My entry.

maiaT said...

These orchids are beautiful even when they fade.
What a lovely post Lui, beautiful words, as always.

I was out for the day and I'm late with comments.
We have a storm announced too for tonight but nothing like Irene, thanks for asking.

Have a nice time for your long weekend and celebrations!

Denise said...

Thank you my dear friend, your flowers are a lovely light in the window.

Carver said...

Beautiful flowers and words.