07 August 2011

Orchids Again In Macro View!

Yes, I can't have enough of them. This is the same orchid in my previous post. They make my day sunny, cool and bright. Never mind the humid weather, exhausting heat, sudden drizzles that create sudden mini storms (it is so hard to explain the weather changes in one day!) and the rest of Heaven coping. I dread to think how the skies will behave next week on a full moon.

It is August and for some it is a quiet month: no celebrations, no parties, no major events which they felt might unduly disturb the passing of spirits on earth. The "oh-Ghost" month. The busiest month in our vets office where all sorts of sicknesses visit my animal friends. However, for some of my friends who are not aware of this, life goes on. They celebrate birthdays, have parties, open their exhibits, schedule film screenings and no ghost seem to be disturbed and no ghost seem to disturb them!

We live our fears if we allow it, I guess. I check my schedule and saw a full calendar of activities. August is also my late Mama and Lola (grandma) birth month which we celebrate with a mass and a feast for good cheers.

The ghost are not bad angry spirits out to attack our physical world. After all, we are part spirits and we are destined to live eternally just as the ones roaming our earth now. Just like my dogs, I bade them good wishes and 'sssh, please don't slam the doors for fun' . . . ;-)

For Lisa and her 'quiet' world in August:


Anonymous said...

nice to know you Lui. lovely blog :) very spiritual. your Heaven is very beautiful.

lisa said...

Lui, these are gorgeous! Really wonderful macro shots, and I love the colors.

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a fantastic day!


Linda Makiej said...