11 September 2011

Another Keeper

Loyd's coffee mug on our dining table!

That is my sister Loyd's 'other' title in Heaven. It is 8PM September 11 in other countries but it is 11AM September 12 in mine. And today is my older sister Loyd's 63rd birthday! Loyd is younger than my other older sister Luchie by 3 years. Yeah, I live with senior citizens and senior dogs in Heaven! ;-) And since we are three single women living in one house (the males are married and live abroad) we are either viewed with suspicion, curiosity, pity, ridicule, and for those who know us, as fun smart empowered women.
Loyd's stuff in her room. On top right Loyd is greeted by Sumo. Sweepy is quite afraid of Loyd and rarely greet her when she enters the house!

I rarely talk about Loyd because for one she is not into most of the things I like, like animals. To prove this, she refers to my father and son dogs Sumo and Sweepy as "Hey animals, go to your house!" which makes the two dogs growl in protest. When you communicate in a regular manner with dogs they kindda know if you are speaking to them in an insulting manner. On some days, Loyd would coo to them "Fifi" or "Shumoh" and rub their coats because I'm sure she can not resist it. People always wanted to hug my dogs in vain. The dogs bark or ran away when they see strangers. But I'm digressing . . . Sigh.

Loyd is now retired from working years in an international convention center. She now handles community and advocacy work for senior citizens in my subdivision. I used to wonder when I was a kid of how my older siblings would look when they get older and how I would take care of them in their senior years. But looking at Loyd and Luchie now who are agile and energetic and look twenty years younger made me realized that age and looks are really dependent on one's outlook and lifestyle. I am more tired and less energetic than them! ;-(

So what are old girls made of? They are made of smart and stronger stuff that helps nurture and empower communities. Gone are the days when women are just great homemakers because apart from keeping our house in order, my two senior sisters are passionate and humorous and compassionate which are perfect attributes when one does advocacy work for the community (plan, implement, and sustain visions and programs) . . . Someday when I get old like them I will look back and know that the real meaning of life was brought by strong people who inspired and created passion and meaning . . . Happy Birthday Loyd!

"A Modern Landscape"
a collaborative work with 8-year-old Crickett
for all fun seniors and their modern landscapes.


One said...

Happy Birtday to your sister!

Beautiful piece of artwrork with Crickett!

Congratulations! Your caption has been selected and is being posted today with a link to your blog.

Nadege, said...

Crickett is quite the artist. That is a lovely landscape.

lisa said...

I think you are very, very lucky to have each other, and to be together.

Happy Birthday Loyd!!

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Viola said...

Happy birthday to your sister Loyd! :) It must be great to have a big sister like her, right?! :)

Hugs from me to you and your Heavenly Family! :)

Singapoare Plants Lover said...

You are lucky to have a sister.

EG Wow said...

I ho[e Lloyd had a wonderful birthday. You are right that age has little to do with what people are.