17 September 2011

Flowers For All Seasons

Our weather has been changing abruptly for years now. Rainy yesterday sunny today. But lately the changes are so sudden as within the day: sunny this hour, rainy windy in 10 minutes, super hot sunny for another hour, drizzles for 5 minutes, sunny again for three hours, etc. The drizzles are like passing clouds creating restless energies around our Heaven!

In the midst of the restless weather our orchids kept sprouting new growths!

And it has 'weathered' the changes in the climate.
I documented this growth from September 4 to 10.
The leaves have burnt spots from the sudden heat and sudden drizzles!
Even with the rains I have to water some of the plants like this orchid regularly or the buds will dry up and not open magnificently like this:

Oh, what a beautiful tale of survival!

Normally, it takes only one to two days for the leaves to unfurl but this has taken a week. But I am not complaining. Instead I tell MsOrchid to hang on and take its sweet time . . .
As I also patiently take my own time adjusting and slowly watching all of Heaven . . . the restless dogs, the lizards, the bees looking dizzy, the doves flying too low for comfort, the ants marching along the walls like crazy, the flies and mosquitoes coming in droves (there are dengue cases but luckily not in my subdivision) but the birds remain cheery and content in the surroundings and peaceful as they continue to sing as I nap and when I do my work.

The climate change action has taken an urgent stand. It is time we heal our space. This week I joined the live stream of voices and actions taken to address this matter at my studio blog. Next week I am joining a group that will take a hike/bike program that will discuss ways for community involvement.

In my Heaven, we have long segregated our wastes, composted peelings and animal manure to recycle back to our soil and feed our plants (we do not use chemical fertilizers), our used discarded papers, plastic bottles, cartons, cans are either sold or are transformed into my artworks. When we buy new stuff we let go of the old one. When I buy new shoes, I take one pair out. Ha! This will avoid excess stuff in my closet again.

How do you respond to the changing times?

And look! Another orchid is blooming in another pot perfect for next week!

I share our blooming orchids with Maia of MacroFlowersSaturday, Beverly of PinkSaturday and for TodaysFlowers of Luiz Santilli, Laerte Pupo, Sandy Carlson and Denise Gullickson.


maiaT said...

I feel like you would describe our weather here. I often say that is was another season when I left home in the morning.
The difference is just that your orchids are amazing and mine are not.

You've captured these gorgeous flowers very beautifully, I love those transparent raindrops.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Our weather has been changing a lot too... hotter hot and colder cold.
I think it is just a natural progression and not much we can do about it BUT recycling and doing what we can is very important.

Kim, USA said...

I think the weather change also helps our environment just like what your orchid is doing the sprouts don't happen that fast not as long as the weather is a bit cold. Great post Lui I am thinking of our weather here too seems like we are really fast approaching fall can't get out the house without wearing jacket now ^_^ Happy weekend!

Pink or Peach

Gabriela Delworth said...


Love your post! Are these orchids?


Viola said...

Beautiful orchids, beautiful colors! I'm sure you're taking good care of them! :) But *wow* what a changing weather you're having! I hope you and your dogs still stay strong manage the days!

Hugs and kisses, Viola :)and
Pusa ^^)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

The first shot and the water droplet shot both are just spectacular. Great perspective on these photos. Well done.

Helene said...

I truly enjoyed your post and wonderful photos. I believe you have a magic touch with those beautiful orchids!

Modern Mom said...

Lui, your orchids are gorgeous!

Basil Flowers

Cheryl said...

Love watching flowers unfold. Great shots of the ever-changing blooms.

I tend to let nature take its course. The most damage is usually caused by strong winds and heavy rains. Nothing to do but be glad I had the flowers before the onslaught. And remember there's always next year for those that get beaten before they bloom.

forgetmenot said...

Lovely flowers. Mickie :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Our weather has been noticeably different for the last year. You are so right that we need to heal our own space. We also recycle and compost.

The orchid blooms are so beautiful.

Denise said...

These are lovely! I have uploaded your link on the home page. Have a great week Lui and thank you again for being such a great supporter of Today's Flowers.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Beautifully done. I also enjoy tracking plants' growth and the opening of flowers. So amazing to watch these changes happening.

My garden haven said...

Your cattleya is certainly a shy one. Love the buds, but when are you going to show us the blooms?

Luna Miranda said...

i love your shot with water droplets. our changing weather gives me a headache. i guess the flowers are getting used to the changing weather patterns.:p

Arija said...

Lui, your heaven is so lovely with the aerial roots and unfurling orchid buds. My orchids are taking their time about unfurling too this season and our summers are getting hotter, dryer and longer. Who knows what the future will bring?