05 September 2011

A Creepy Tale by a Creepy Keeper

This is MrWormsy.
On dreary days I call him Pug.
On sunny days I call him Thug.
He does look like a thug chugging down Heaven's path.

And this is my alpha dog Sumo.
On dreary days I call him Sumopie which he probably hates.

Pug loves Sumopie.
After all, Pug helps his friend MrLeach interpret Sumo's blog for non Filipino readers. Pug and MrLeach are on the same team. The team of Crawlers and Stickies. But lately, the duo are not seen on Sumo's blog and I ain't tellin' why simply because I am digressing from my tale.

. . . now to go back to my tale . . .

Sumo is not fond of Pug and to show his displeasure, Sumo growls.
And when Sumo does this, Pug curls into a ball!

Pug does this as a form of self defense. Some people I know immediately build walls around them for defense. But defense from what, I wonder?

When things don't look good and Sumo's breathing turns hot and his growling becomes too audible for comfort, Pug simply crawls away. . .
People do the same in tricky situations. They rather walk out rather than confront any sticky situations. I guess you call that an easy way out. But I am again digressing. Yawn.

Now MrWormsy comes to me and air his concerns. He is harmless. He is lovable. He is everything and anything opposite his scary looks. And of course, I understand him. The Keeper knows her flock and her flock flock to her. Whatever.

MrWormsy aka Pug glides down my flipflops like a ballerina in complete harmony.
MrWormsy will meet hostilities, ridicule, curiosity, and possibly violence because of his looks. And as much as I sympathize with him, his fate in a confused and cruel world is not too rosy. But of what use are you to the community, Pug?

I help clean the soil. I eat pests that eat the leaves in your garden. I kiss the SuperdogSweepy even if he drools at me. Heck, I kiss de Sumo even if he growls or when he accidentally tramples down on me when he's running. My very presence in Heaven is a sign that the environment is OK.
When I'm gone it is because your soil, water, air and whatnot are unlivable and that should worry you. When I'm gone, all of you will be gone as well . . .

Well, I didn't say this will end happily.
But you see stories that don't,
do continue to be happy after. Ever.
And to be honest, Pug did not say it exactly like that. Pug said it like this: meeh help clean urt, 8 pests . 8 leavs, kiz drly SdSwpy, uck kiz Shumoh 2 wen grwls or craz meeh yikes, meeh sez ol s wel wd ur urt. wen i go so wl u. babu.

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Denise said...

Love, love, love this post Lui. Everything is a joy in your Heaven.

Barb said...

So true . . . and your photos are great and it is a fun post!

One said...

That's a millipede. I used to see a lot of them and I would put them on the compost. I don't see them anymore. Wonder if they have all gone to your heavenly place.

lisa said...

Lui, I cannot tell you just how much I loved this post. It is so thoughtfully written, and so full of feeling.

Thank you so much for sharing this at The Creative Exchange. It is truly perfect for it.

Have a wonderful day!


justine said...

these are great shots, love them!