03 September 2011

Weekend Images

Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
I stumbled on this small beautiful plant on the week that we were renovating the back of Heaven. This plant looked tough and sprayed out like a flower on small plots in our subdivision's garden. "I want to have one like that in our garden" I told my sister Luchie and she laughed: "Oh but we have that somewhere . . . probably hidden behind some of the bigger plants!"

I was surprised. I mean we do not really live in a big lot. Our garden is much like a series of small plots around our small property. And our style of gardening is pretty wild since we prefer to plant whatever will thrive with minimum supervision with the other plants and the dogs! So to realize that there is more for me to discover hidden behind our small garden made me excited!
This was the same excitement I had when we finished the renovation and we had to unpack and move stuff from huge storage spaces into usable rooms and unearth years of stuff stored. It's amazing how much we tend to keep and hold on to things that use so much space in our house and memory bank. Letting go made things light for the heart and mind. And while Luchie moved out of her old small room to occupy a bigger room at the back of Heaven, I now have to move my art materials to Luchie's former room to convert into my studio.

Friends laugh when they see me produce artworks in "alternative spaces" lugging my materials tray to any available spaces in the garden, kitchen, storeroom, and most of the time beside the doghouse! Now I have a specific place to store my art materials!

And once again I got excited categorizing my 'junks' (I work with stuff that people normally throw like used boxes, old newspapers and any used paper, plastic bottles, old pins, etc.) and working on them in a new creative space! Which is also perfect for hunting images for Ashley's meme!

A work in progress. The 'stairs' was cut out from the small box that held anti-mosquito coils. I keep the box to cut and make accessories to wear and to make small sculptural forms perfect for a mixed media painting!

I cut this crown from the same box (I was able to make around fifty small objects from a small box!) and the scale of the crown can be compared to the size of my pencil!

The stairs and crown are painted and embellished together with the others to appear like metal parts in a work aptly called 'Heaven'

And there goes my smile of satisfaction and delight amidst another mixed media work!

And all these excitement amidst the changing weather just outside my window! (We had abrupt changes from sunny hot to cloudy to rainy to windy to sunny again in one day for two weeks now!)

Huge thanks to Ashley, Maia, Denise, Luiz, Laerte, and Sandy


Misty Dawn said...

What a really neat flower and a great post!

queen of rainbow said...

i really like your paper things :)
thanks for the comment

maiaT said...

These succulent plants have so beautiful, star shaped flowers. I hope it will bloom for you.
Don't forget to show us your finished artwork. Nice start.

Denise said...

Hi Lui, I am impressed with your beautiful creativity, and I always enjoy your pretty photos. We have 20 years of items to wade through, to try and whittle down and clear space. It's so difficult as each one is a memory of another time that I really don't want to get rid of, but we have to make room now. The writing is on the wall :) One day I will send you a 'how-to' to put your photos on Today's Flowers. It's a bit tricky and not as straightforward as it would seem, but please don't worry. Until I do that I am more than happy to put your entry onto the list. Have a great week my friend.

The Chair Speaks said...

You are good with your hands! Lovely!

Stasha said...

Love your approach to the posts! And your bio, the not being dead bit, made me laugh. Sweet blog!

Tamar SB said...

These are so creative! Love how you used that box to make so many things!

Brooke said...

very crafty this week.
Great shots!

Cheryl said...

I did a complete junk removal about 5 years ago and vowed not to let it pile up again! Soul lightened immensely.

I do love that cactus. The pink tinge is gorgeous.

Deanna said...

Love your artistic interpretations of the prompts this week. The crown is so sweet!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Very creative set - hope you have an awesome week!

Valeria said...

Very creative with stairs

Valeria said...

Very creative with stairs

Laurie E. said...

That flower shot is amazing! I like your SHS set. Good job :)

Robin said...

"stairs" is so different and cute!