18 September 2011

Money Plant

Believe it or not
but yes this is a money plant.
I get extremely sad when I see cut branches like this.

I was pretty devastated because, not being an expert on plants and gardening, I thought my sister Luchie trimmed them unnecessarily. We often get into arguments when she does this. Luchie said that it was so huge and wild that she cut them into three parts and replanted them into several pots. Luchie assured me that it will grow back. And look how fast it healed since August 30 when I took the picture above:

I kept running excitedly to update Luchie and she kept saying "I told you" and this week Luchie eyed the plant, shook her head and did this:

Luchie said this is really how this plant is managed. You twist the plants as it grows! This way you manage its growth since it has a tendency to spread wide in our small space.

Oh what a prolific plant!

I love its texture.
I love its huge shiny leaves.
I love that it shades a part of Heaven's garden.
I love how it tickles me when I pass.
I love it for its strange name.
I love it to bits.

Now I wonder if and when it will ever bloom with money?
For Lisa and her creative world:


lisa said...

What a beautiful plant this is Lui! I wonder if it is like the money plants we have here. Ours are much smaller, and the leaves are a bit different. I love the way Luchie has twisted the trunk of it.

Thanking you in advance for sharing this at The Creative Exchange.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you a beautiful start to your week.


CailinMarie said...

I enjoyed the progression photos. It is a beautiful plant and the photos and your words made me smile.