17 October 2011


. . . . as time zooms by
my heaven is frozen
locked in its own mini world
breathing and singing
melodies that heal
bind and seal.

i am in heaven.
and heaven is in me.

. . . and for Lisa and Kitty at:

. . . and for Amy who loves bokeh:

These are fungi growing on Chicky's arm (our chico tree).


EG Wow said...

I like how the fungi curls as it grows.

Denise said...

Those are beautiful! Thanks Lui, for the sweet comments for my Father-in-Law. I will be showing him when I see him in a few days.

Genie said...

To me these are mushroom, and they are ever so interesting the way they crawl up and down the tree. Guess I need to be correct and call them fungi....it is just hard to teach an old dog new tricks :-) Love the shots. They are wonderful captures. genie

lisa said...

Lui, you're a true sweetheart, and I thank you so much for that.

Thank you also for linking up today at The Creative Exchange.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful Tuesday!


Linda Makiej said...

just MaRvELoUs!!!!

Roshanda "ShonEjai" Glenn said...

Very nice photos! I love the perspective.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Very pretty fungus shots! :)

Kelly-Marie said...

You have some great photo's on your blog !

Viola said...

Gorgeous! I just love these shots Lui! :)

And so beautiful shots of the Hoya flower and the fungi! The fungi is to me quite original/special! :)

I love your singing Camia, too! :)

Best wishes from me! :) With hugs!

And kisses from Pusa to Sweepy! :))

Amy said...

Ooh, I do LOVE me some bokeh. ;) Thanks for linking up again! I got so used to seeing Sweepy's photos, but I was missing you!